July 14, 2024

The Evidence Speaks For Itself

The world around us is experienced through our five senses. Yet, we know there is much more gong on that exists beyond what we can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. Infrared. Ultrasonic. Microwaves. Microscopic. All things we know to exist, yet we can’t directly experience. What if there were entire realities just outside our abilities to perceive? Is it possible?

Gary Arnold has been experiencing a phenomenon he can’t explain for years. To help get to the truth, he has created a documentary in which he shares what he knows; we are not alone. He challenges us to take his data and find the truth.

A Brief Background

The other day I was approached by Gary on Twitter (@GuitarSlaw) asking me to watch his documentary in which he claims to be in contact with “ethereal beings” via an old cell phone.

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. Some random guy tells me he talks to spirits with a cell phone? Really? I might have been born in the morning but it wasn’t yesterday morning. It was almost too easy to dismiss. Even more so that I would have to pay to view his “ground breaking evidence” of the unknown. I brushed it off for a while. He was persistent.

Then I thought about it… Who am I to say what is legit and what isn’t? This site is all about keeping an open mind, believing boldly, and following the data to wherever it might lead. I made a deal with Gary. Send me the video and in exchange I will do a review and share my thoughts. I told him up front that this would be an honest review, good or bad. He agreed. Here’s his story.

Gary’s Story

Subterranean Séance: The Evidence Speaks“ is a self-made, self-funded 29 minute documentary in which Gary offers up his story, provides a few audio clips of his evidence, and shares his thoughts on what they are and what they might mean. The evidence presented is in the form of EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVPs are a common tool used in the paranormal research community and refer to sounds, voices or speech that is recorded on some type of device but is not always heard at the time of the recording.

Gary’s tool of choice is a simple Alcatel A205G Tracfone circa 2015. With this phone, he claims he is able to communicate with, and record these entities in real time. It is even customary that they answer his questions before they are asked, suggesting telepathic abilities. He assumes that this type of phone works because it doesn’t use any sound processing or noise canceling like modern smart phones.

Alcatel A205G Tracfone
Alcatek A250G

Now, I could sit here and evaluate the documentary for what it is. I could talk about video quality, the editing or the music and audio sample choices. I could break down the mood setting and story telling. I’m not going to. That’s not important.

It’s clear that Gary is not a videographer, sound engineer or editor. The actual technical quality of the documentary is pretty low…and this doesn’t matter either. This isn’t the point.

I could also focus on Gary himself. His character, his demeanor, what he believes, his credibility. Again, I will not focus on that either. I’ll just say that he comes across as sincere. Fully understanding what is happening, and why, this is his mission.

What matters here is the message. What Gary puts forward is, in his own words, “compelling evidence”. I would agree with him. The EVPs he shares are as good, maybe better, than what can be found on the dozens of big budget “ghost hunting” shows on television. The fact he receives these messages over an old $5.00 cell phone is plausible. It weirdly makes sense. An intelligent entity familiar with us would know we use them to talk. No different than they know what language we would understand. It’s actually more plausible than a spirit box device that is thought to allow the living to communicate with spirits.

My Thoughts

Breaking it down to the core, what this documentary is is a story of a man that believes unseen entities are talking to him and he is asking for help to understand the who / what / why of it all.

Ghosts? Aliens? Inter-dimensional beings? An audio anomaly created by the phone? I can’t say for sure. It would seem there is something unexplained happening here. Gary claims to have thousands of these recordings saved and ready to be analyzed and evaluated. If so, this could be a potential treasure trove of data.

Is he really getting messages from other-worldly, ethereal beings? I don’t know. Is it possible? Yes, based on the evidence given, it is possible. Do his claims warrant further study? Most definitely.

It is important to look at the data and follow the facts to the truth. Many people say they are an expert in alien life, or the after-life, or inter-dimensional beings, or ghosts, etc. In reality, nobody really knows. Every opinion or idea or evidence is as valid as anyone’s until proven otherwise. Why can’t some average guy from Pennsylvania be in contact with entities outside our normal existence?

I wasn’t expecting much going into this. I came out thinking that maybe there’s really something worth investigating here. I hope to work with Gary more. To assist in evaluating and understanding what is going on.

If you are interested in hearing his story for yourself, you can find Gary’s documentary here. You can also follow him on Twitter here.

It would seem the evidence does, in fact, speak for itself.

2 thoughts on “The Evidence Speaks For Itself

    1. As the chap featured in this article –
      I wholeheartedly attest – this perplexing phenomenon is just mind-boggling & definitely an enigma worthy of investigation.

      I’m eager to share my adventures & my data with anyone & everyone who can help me solve this puzzle.

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